LED Floor Coating

A Look at the 4 Advantages of LED Floor Coating

Are you considering floor coatings cured with LED‌ technology? Here is a look at some of the advantages you should know.


The floor can be used immediately after LED floor coating is done.

When LED‌ floor coating is finished, you can get right back to your everyday life in spite of just having work done. Some typical coating processes can take days, if not weeks, to properly cure and dry. Therefore, the space can be unusable for quite some time. This is never a concern with floor coatings cured using LED technology.

Floor coating repairs become far less common than usual.

The formulation of the coating that is used for LED floor coatings is very unique, and it cures and hardens in a way that keeps the floor absolutely protected. One of the advantages of this process is the fact that it is far less common that timber floors will sustain damage and floor coating repairs are not an ongoing thing either. The coating offers a waterproof barrier that protects the wood from typical damaging factors.

The wood can retain its natural look without heavy finishes.

If you really want timber floors that still have that natural appearance with the wood grain and natural hues, LED coatings can be the way to go. The coating can be neutral tones and practically invisible, which means you get the natural beauty of the timber without all the added gloss if that is what you prefer.

LED floor coating is an attractively priced option.

Since LED coating a timber floor is not such a labor-intensive process, it is done rather quickly and can be more affordable than other finishing processes. Many property owners are surprised to see the installation cost can be less expensive.

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