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*New Zealand businesses only

Become a superior flooring manufacture in New Zealand!

We are happy to offer a life changing business opportunity for a timber flooring manufacture business in New Zealand.

The manufacturing lines are professionally designed coating lines on request. Many options available. Brushers and pads, professional LED UV curing unit mounted on the belt with cover. Machines available in 400 and 600mm belt width. Made in the Netherlands.

Evolve and conquer the market with LED UV Manufacturing Line and Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil


Benefits of switching to Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil for timber flooring manufactures

  • no dry time - oil cures immediately under LED UV light

  • getting higher demand among builders, architects and home owners

  • getting better income

  • creation of a safer working environment - the oil is not harmful to the health of workers or clients

  • cost effectiveness - 1l of oil applied in 1 coat provides 100sqm coverage, 2nd coat provides 200sqm coverage

  • unlimited colour range and several sheen level option

  • no need to use primers or  final coats

  • non-yellowing finish

  • high quality and extreme level long term durability of the coating

  • ability to bring your business to a different level - create finished colour samples for your clients in seconds or get them to be involved in the process

  • elimination of the need to use stains - oil comes in an unlimited range of colours

  • power efficiency - LED UV lights do not require a lot of power to run

  • ability to claim 100% sustainability and health safety of the product

  • decrease factory space - increase productivity and income: with Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil manufacturing line racking systems are obsolete 

  • opportunity to become #1 in your industry -  coat up to 100+sqm per hour or 50+sqm per hour of finished product ready to be packed and shipped to your client instantly


Contact us to get your own Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil LED UV light curing system

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