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Valkyrie Floor Coatings is dedicated to changing the current perspective of the flooring industry

Valkyrie Floor Coatings is a family business based in Melbourne. We believe that people can live in harmony with nature and build homes with minimal harm to the planet and risk to their own health. Our strongest passion is helping to create safe home and work environments for people all around Australia by using exclusively sustainable, eco-friendly, health safe, VOC and Solvents free Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil. 

We prioritize long term surface coating solutions over short term. By choosing Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil you choose a health safe environment for you and your family


As the younger generation in the flooring industry, we were looking for new and more efficient ways of providing high quality finishes. Extremely limited colour ranges, plastic looking surfaces, non repairable finishes, strong lingering smells and high toxicity of the old-fashion traditional coatings was not something we wanted to give to our clients, so we looked further and discovered the perfect coating system - Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil powered by specialized LED UV curing lights. Born in the Netherlands after 60 years of scientific research in top European laboratories Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil proved to be the best product for our mission - provide the highest quality coatings possible with no health risks for our clients or harm to the environment. 


Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil is VOC and Solvents free and is a perfect choice for households with children, elderly, people who suffer from respiratory and immune problems and/or pets, as they are in the high risk category of getting VOC poisoning and health complications due to traditional oxidizing  and toxic coatings

Floor coating is a completely different experience now

For home owners: there is no need to move out of the house for days and then come back just to open up all the windows waiting for the lingering smell of the "new floor" to go away, which can take weeks

For business owners: there is no need to close your business for days and suffer income loss. Shop, restaurant, pub or a show room can be coated during the night, workers and customers can return the next morning as normal

For builders: there is no need to stop the entire construction process for days, suffering delays and  financial losses. Up to 300 sqm of timber or concrete can be finished and ready to be walked on the very same day

For architects and designers: the opportunity to give your customers a sustainable, health safe option suitable for timber, concrete and stone. Unlimited colour range and the possibility to keep the raw look of the materials

Health and Safety

Valkyrie Floor Coatings is dedicated to the health and safety of our staff and clients. We refuse to use toxic products that may cause damage to  peoples health and harm the environment, so we carefully handpick all materials for our work.

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