Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils

Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil is a high-quality finishing oil

with unique characteristics. They are especially suited for

high traffic areas and for project-based use because of

their high wear off resistance. Oils combine the

advantages of oil and wax: the oil impregnates the wood

and the wax provides a protective water-resistant layer. 

This protects the floor against dirt and moisture. Vesting 

LED Hard Wax Oils protect, impregnate and give many

types of wood surfaces a beautiful, distinctive finish. They

beautify and provide an excellent moisture and dirt

repellent layer. Using the coloured oils we can customize

any wood surface to a colour that suits your taste. 

Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils are completely VOC

(Volatile Organic Compounds) and Solvents free. 

Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils contain a unique mix of oils,

waxes, resins and additives. Because of this, the oils

cure and harden in a split second when it comes into contact with LED light. The floor can be used for its normal purposes immediately. Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils are easy to process, safe for the environment and also very attractive in terms of costs.

  • Non-flammable

  • Outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance

  • Preserving the characteristic appearance of wood

  • Provides deep coloring of the wood surface as well as on previously applied stains

  • LED light cures oils within seconds

  • When finished, the wood surface is instantly resilient and protected against dirt and any kind of moisture

  • VOC and Solvent free

  • Custom colour blends

  • Easily repairable

  • Environmentally safe

  • Money wise


Stains give untreated wooden furniture and floors any

colour you wish. Also, the type of stain determines the

accentuation of the wood, as a consequence of which

there are plenty of options.

With spruce floorboards, the aged appearance of an old

pine floor can be imitated by first staining the floor with a

transparent antique pine tint.

By staining, pine and oak floors obtain a deep, warm

appearance. Conversely, with other shades the floor can

complement a very contemporary interior. Stains are

available in many colours, also including customised

colours. These are water-based products for staining wood

surfaces and should then be always finished with

Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil.


  • Attractive colouring

  • Customized colours in consultation

  • Less roughening of the wood

  • Applies to various types of wood

  • Suitable for application on old lacquer and wax layers

  • Suitable for children’s furniture

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