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Restoration and Repair with Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil

Valkyrie Floor Coatings offers restoration and repair services for existing oil coatings. Restoration is a good option for those, who want to quickly refresh the look of their floor without the costly process of sanding it back to raw. 

Restoration includes a deep clean and 1 coat of Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil that brings a refreshed look back to the floor

Repair services are provided only to floors coated by Valkyrie Floor Coatings


The main benefit of using Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil for your floor is that it is easily repairable and maintainable. If it is has happened that your floor was damaged, it can be easily fixed locally and sanding the whole floor is not required unlike with most floor coating products.


          Colour Matching      


        Maintenance and Inspection     

Give your flooring a new life with Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils

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