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Why use Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil for sustainable building?

When it comes to our service we choose responsible and eco-friendly ways.

So what makes Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil truly sustainable? - It is not only because of the fact that it is made only of natural sustainably sourced ingredients, VOC and Solvents free, but also because of the LED UV technology used for curing and the way the oil is designed to work.



Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil increases buildings Life Cycle Assessment

LED UV light does not turn oxygen into ozone

Floors finished with Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil do not require sanding or grinding ever again. Oil penetrates the surface bonding and becoming one with the top layer of it, while the top hard wax layer provides high protection to any coated timber, concrete or stone. If it is maintained correctly the floor will not need to be redone, hence it does not need to be sanded or grinded back to raw, which increases a buildings Life Cycle Assessment by allot. Engineered floor boards are usually 2mm to 5mm thick, which allows only 1 to 2 sands before the whole floor needs to be replaced, but with Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil it is not a worry at all, as sanding is simply not required, even, if you want to change the colour of the floor. The floor lasts a lifetime.

LED UV light technology used for curing Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil hardly puts any strain on the environment. As opposed to UV-washing technology - no ozone is released during the treatment and no exhaust hoods are needed. LED is cold light - the wood is no longer heated, which causes significantly less production problems. Roughening of the wood, discoloration and problems with glue are reduced to a minimum.

LED lights have a very long life span, approximately 40,000 hours or more. In comparison: UV lights last 800 to 1,000 hours. Moreover LED technology does not use a lot of power to run. The combination of all the above makes Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil coating system  truly sustainable.

Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil is a superior product with unique properties

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