1.We require clear and safe access to the site, with stairs installed and our work area cleaned out and ready for us to commence. If this is not done, additional charges will be incurred. Where, on request, or necessity, we are required to move any furniture, white goods, appliances or any internal fixtures or fittings, we do so totally at the customers risk and expense. We take no responsibility whatsoever for the costs of any damage incurred.

2. Occupational Health & Safety and onsite services: The client acknowledges and agrees the following services will be supplied free of charge to the company and according to the specifications contained: a. Power - 15 A / 240 V electrical power fitted with R.C.D will be supplied within 25 meters of any area where work is to be conducted; b. Lighting - full and final lighting as designed for the completed project must be fully operational prior to the work commencing; c. Site storage is to be provided free of any moisture from any source; d. Toilet facilities for employees; e. As our work site can be a dangerous place all facets of the Occupational Health & Safety Act will apply and any one unauthorized to be in our work space will be asked to leave, only at the discretion of our employees, who will be able to assess the risk to all concerned, will anyone be permitted into our work space.

3. All gas and electrical appliances that are required to be moved should be done by qualified personnel only. Turn all pilot lights off.

4. It is your responsibility to ensure all furnishings unable to be moved are suitably covered, light fittings, curtains and other such items should also be covered to prevent dust from entering.

5. The removal of deep cuts, gouges and stains from the boards is sometimes impossible.

6. The filling of the gaps between boards is not usually done because subsequent shrinkage and expansion in the timber will cause cracking in the filler and may lead to damage of flooring.

7. You are likely to get a variation in colour and grain between boards. The grading of the timber will vary from batch to batch & mill to mill.

8. As timber is a natural product no two floors are the same, nor is any sample shown to you an exact replica of what to expect only an indication. Timber will vary in colour and grain between species, batches and mills.

9. All products and prices offered are subject to availability.

10. Variations of colour within a timber species are normal, therefore, photographs and samples can only be indicative of the colour range of the timber species shown.

11. Any work carried out, outside of our preferred method will be done on an all care but no responsibility basis, which is against our recommendations.

12. At Valkyrie Floor Coatings we pride ourselves on quality, which sometimes takes time, if we are given insufficient time to complete works of any type, for whatever reason, the high quality of our service cannot be guaranteed.

13. If for whatever reason our work is interrupted, and as a result delayed. The agreed upon timeframe may be changed and additional fees may apply.

14. If business property is damaged or taken on the job site during works or from site storage additional fees may apply.

15. Unless otherwise stated, payments will be due on the payment schedule stated on the face hereof. The customer agrees all payments will be made without retention. In the event a scheduled payment is not made when due, the company may, at its option, suspend performance and/or exercise any and all legal remedies available to the company. If legal action is bought to collect any delinquent payments due from Customers under this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable solicitor’s fees and other collection costs.

16. The client acknowledges that there is no retention to be held in relation to the work.

17. We will not in any event be liable under or in connection with any warranty for any claim for consequential loss, loss of opportunity, revenue, profit or anticipated profit, accommodation costs, pet boarding kennel costs, removal or storage of furniture or legal fees arising in contract, negligence or otherwise. We offer no warranty against any/all unforeseen circumstances out of our direct control. We recognize no claims where for any reason the job is not paid for in full and the work has been completed as quoted. We offer no direct guarantee for the products we use as these are covered under the manufacture’s warranties.

18. When cleaning, sanding, brushing, coating or maintaining floors supplied & installed by others we guarantee the quality of our work but offer no guarantee for anything outside of our control.

19. In the event of cancelation before works commence a 5% prepayment/booking fee will be non-refundable.

20. If full payment has not been made within the agreed upon time frame, a 10% interest fee of the original amount will apply. Followed by a further 5% Interest fee of the original amount for every 20 business days overdue.

21. Please note that this quote is valid for only 60 days.

22. By signing and/or agreeing to this quotation you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as stated above.