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Timber coating with Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil

When it comes to timber floor - there is no better option than coating it onsite with a high quality product, such as Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil. We choose this product, as it is safe for health and the environment; gives the timber a high resistance to damages, water, fire, dirt and stains, as well as giving any timber a beautiful natural finish that will compliment any house or business. It also hardens and dries in a split second after it comes in contact with the specialized LED UV light curing system.


We provide our customers with honest advise and individual personalization of the home or business environment

Valkyrie Floor Coatings is the first business in Australia that specializes in using exclusively Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil for onsite coatings

Here, at Valkyrie Floor Coatings, we bring floor coatings to the next level. We offer floor coatings with long term benefits, as floors coated with Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil can last a lifetime.

Sustainable Coatings by Valkyrie Floor Coatings


Classic Timber Flooring

Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil enhances the natural features of timber and gives it extreme durability


Sophisticated Parquetry

Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil highlights the natural beauty of timber giving it an elegant look


Luxurious timber panels

Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil gives timber panel flooring beautiful luxurious finishes


Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil is a perfect choice for recycled timber, as it preserves it's beauty for a lifetime

Recycled timber flooring


          Concrete Coating      

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