Timber Floor Coating

4 Keys to Maintaining Timber Floor Coatings After Installation

You did your research and chose the best onsite floor coating service like Valkyrie Floor Coatings. The work is done and you want to maintain that new look. Here are a few maintenance tips to remember after your floors have received onsite floor coating to preserve the look of your floor for the long term.


Use a microfiber cloth to dust the floor daily.

Frequently dusting your floor after it has been coated will help keep it looking gorgeous. However, it will also prevent tiny particles from getting rubbed against the floor’s coating when you walk across it with your feet or shoes. Pick up a good microfiber cloth mop and dust your floor on a daily basis.

Use only recommended cleaning agents on the timber floor coating.

When your floor has been protected with onsite floor coating, it will be more resilient for sure. However, there are still going to be certain cleaning agents that can be hard on the new surface, especially when it comes to cleaning products you normally use. Make sure you discuss what products you can use for cleaning with the floor coating company right after installation.

Utilize protective pads on the bottoms of your furniture.

The timber floor coating can be damaged and scuffed by moving furniture, and some furniture pieces are moved rather frequently. For example, the chairs at your dining table will get scooted across the floor in the same spot over and over. Pick up some inexpensive foot pads for your furniture pieces to prevent scuffs and scratches from happening.

Trim your dog’s toenails regularly to prevent scratching.

Your dog’s toenails can cause severe damage to the floor coating if they are long and sharp. When your pet walks across the floor, they can leave small scratches that will accumulate and dull the finish with time. Make sure you keep your dog’s toenails trimmed to prevent any issues.

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