Is it true that I can walk on my floor straight away after the coating?

Yes! Products that we use get cured immediately under the LED light and your floor is ready to be walked on in a few minutes.

Are products that you use safe for health?

Yes! Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils that we use are made from natural ingredients, VOC free and odor free and are a perfect solution for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Will my floor be durable with Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils?

Yes! One of many benefits of using Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils is the amazing durability.

Is Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils coating water-resistant?

Yes! Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils provide you with a 100% water-resistant floor coating. Water simply bounces back from the floor.

Is it true that Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils coating is easy repairable and if one or few of the boards get damaged I will not need to sand off and re-coat the whole floor?

Yes! If it has happened that part of your floor got damaged we can easily repair ONLY the damaged section without sanding the coating off and make it look as the damage was never there.

Do you coat only timber flooring?

No! We provide services in coating of timber and concrete floors, furniture, walls, doors and ceilings.

Is Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils coating flammable?

No! Unlike extremely flammable Polyurethane coatings Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils coatings are not flammable and will not put your home in danger.

Is it possible to customize a colour for my floor or furniture?

Yes! With Vesting LED Hard Wax Oils we can provide you with any colour you can possibly think of.

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