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Valkyrie Floor Coatings

World's First LED Hard Wax Oil Coating

The future is here

The ability to provide our customers with only clean, health safe, instantly cured  products suitable for timber, concrete and stone makes us truly unique


Valkyrie Floor Coatings brings revolutionary technology into the flooring industry from Europe to Australia


the ultimate solution for timber, concrete and stone


Matt "Raw" Concrete

Matt "raw" looking concrete sealer with no odour that dries instantly under the LED UV light is not a dream it is a reality


Luxurious Timber

Extremely durable luxurious timber finish free of VOC and Solvets 


"Naked" Stone

Not yellowing sealer for stone with high stain and damage resistance

Easily maintainable Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil coating gives high dirt, scratch, water, stain and fire resistance which makes it great for high traffic areas


Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil is the only sustainable, eco-friendly, VOC and Solvents free, instantly cured floor coating powered by modern LED UV technology


LED UV technology brings true sustainability to the coating, as it is a cold light with a lifespan of 40k+ hours which does not turn oxygen into ozone

Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil is made only of natural ingredients. Pigments are added to the oil to create any colour with incredible stability keeping the process 100% VOC and Solvents free

Valkyrie Floor Coatings is Australia's first dedicated onsite floor coating specialists, using exclusively Vesting VOC and Solvent free products, with a passion for providing Australians with safe home and business environments.

Choosing Valkyrie Floor Coatings is beneficial for everyone: architects, designers, builders and home owners, as we provide our clients with a superior coating system that lasts a lifetime.

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