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Interior coating with Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil

Valkyrie Floor Coatings provides services in coating of interior timber, concrete and stone features. Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil is the perfect solution for interior surfaces, as it has a slip rating and is designed for high traffic areas. We can easily match any colour even between different timber species, which is perfect if you are wanting to match stairs, doors, window frames and furniture to something like your flooring.

With it's slip rating and durability Vesting LED Hard wax Oil is a perfect choice for stairs and flooring

With an unlimited colour range, customize your home or business with any range of colour schemes


Preserve the natural look and feel of any surface, highlight it's natural features and preserve it for lifetimes to come. Make the right choice for your health and the environment, choose Vesting LED hard wax oil for all your interior surfaces.


          Exterior Coating      


          Colour Matching      

Make a statement - use Vesting LED Hard Wax Oil

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